Friday, December 10, 2010

Seattle is ...

Seattle is Safeco or Qwest and it’s a wicked good cup of hot coffee. It’s ferryboats gliding across Puget Sound and it’s needing chains for Snoqualmie Pass. It’s rainy nights and glorious days and all kinds of weather in-between. Seattle is Bill Gates inspiring 57 other billionaires to give most of their wealth to charity and it’s buying fresh salmon and paper towels at Costco. It’s skiing and boating and New Year’s Eve fireworks at the Space Needle. It’s socks with sandals and Northface jackets with shorts and it's fundraisers for "the Hutch."  It’s the twice-a-year sale at Nordstroms and Seafair on the lake. It’s Tiffany’s and Target; it’s Jimi Hendrix and Kenny G. It's the Union Gospel Mission and the Monorail. Seattle is watching fish fly at Pike Place Market and it’s devouring burgers at Dick’s or Ivars clam chowder. It’s "scarves up" for the Sounders, a suite at The W, and it’s camping on the Olympic Peninsula. It’s Rhodies in the spring and multi-colored leaves every fall. Seattle is cutting edge music and Microsoft techies as well as recycling and reusable grocery bags. Seattle is driving confidently through a week of monsoons but leaving the car on the side of the road in 2” of snow. It’s looking to see if “the mountain” is out and it’s breathing clean fresh air while riding bikes or running marathons. It’s being the 12th Man, Mariner Mojo and rapid transit to Sea-Tac. It’s Apple Cup cheers and Boeing engineers. Seattle is museums and symphonies and rock climbing and clubs. It is classy and sassy, laid back and an international hub.

Here in Seattle we don’t just love it
– we live it!

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  1. It's everything I love. This is wonderful.

  2. I smiled at everything that "Seattle is." And I love the sightseeing one also.

  3. Mark, Cherry, Esther and JamesDecember 21, 2010 at 12:08 PM

    Wee fans of LSO. Love this.

  4. Great. Will s hare.

  5. A must read for anyone who loves Seattle!

  6. It made me laugh and sigh all at the same time.

  7. I like this so much!

  8. Makes me smile and laugh. Excellent.


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